Hold Up — Why Aren't More People Taking Advantage Of This Snapchat Feature?

Every so often, Snapchat rolls out an under-the-radar update, devoid of any official announcement or in-app fanfare. This was the case this past January, when the app expanded its previously limited World Lenses to every single lens in your carousel.
Snapchat first introduced World Lenses, which animate the world around you, last November, but only a select few lenses (Snapchat's name for its filters) included them — there was a cloud puking rainbows and an Election Day air horn that blew patriotic confetti. Though initially limited in scope, World Lenses have since turned into one of Snapchat's most impressive assets. It's clear that the app is paying as much attention to these animations as it is to the face transformations that made it so popular in the first place.
They're arguably more fun than some of the classics — floppy dog ears and color-changing shades included. Sure, you can put on a flower crown, but why do that when you can fill your world with floating hearts, twinkling lights, flying matzo, and hanging mobiles? To activate a world lens, just flip your camera to rear-facing mode and press down on the screen like you would to apply a face lens. You can take a video that will show the animations in action, or apply the lens as a cool filter for your photo.
Ahead, some of our favorites so far.

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