Forget Instagram Husbands, Blogstars Are Looking For Super Extra Friends

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images.
By now, everyone knows about Instagram husbands, the long-suffering partner/photographers that are behind the lenses in those street style photos and jealousy-inducing brunch shots. But two teens from Minnesota gave their followers a peek into what it takes to snap all those Like-garnering photos — and now the internet wants in. Polish your résumé, because you might be in the running to be a super extra friend.
This all happened because Sofie Orstadius, her sister Peri, and good friend Sophie Castle posted a behind-the-scenes photo of what it takes to stage one of their amazing Insta posts.
"What my neighbors see vs. what Instagram sees," Orstadius told Buzzfeed, breaking down the internet fourth wall and showing a ladder, a precipitous photographer, and the two models surrounded by a colorful, floral chalk drawing.
Being that Orstadius and Co. are cool teens, they described this dedication as "extra." What does it take to be a super extra friend? Enthusiasm, photography skills, and the willingness to go above and beyond. Of course, the internet responded in kind. Plenty of people responded to the photos, looking for their own "extra" friends that could go the distance and snap perfect photos while offering up support and camaraderie.
Some Twitter users were asking to enlist new pals.
Others were showing off their squad of super extra friends, complete with a lighting crew, photographer, and even a Mr. Jay-style creative director offering posing suggestions and words of encouragement. Who needs an Insta-bae when you've got an entire squad that wants you to look your fiercest?
And still others proclaimed that they are, in fact, that super extra friend. No good deed goes unnoticed, however, because super extra friends rallied together and celebrated the phenomenon of staging the perfect photo.
Move over, Instagram husbands of yesterday. You may have had your time in the sun — more like shade, since you always give the good lighting to the photo subject — but it's time to move over. The super extra friend is here to stay, especially when they're climbing flimsy ladders and capturing sweet shots.

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