Sofia Vergara Says Her Trip To Rome Is Hot For The Wrong Reasons

Sofia Vergara is, like all great content producers, always on the lookout for some good content. If you're travelling a foreign country, you're basically guaranteed to find content wherever you look.
Case in point: When I was in the middle of Madrid, I saw a man holding his child aloft above a planter, Simba-style, so the child could defecate into said planter. Is that content? Yes, but this was all before camera phones, so it was lost to the sands of time.
Sofia Vergara found herself holed up in a hotel room in Rome with a fever so severe it caused her face to flush. Is that content? Not only did she make it content, she turned it into a product idea. That's how the celeb mind works. While the rest of us are like, "Durr, how do I get healthy so I can continue reading cool articles on the web?" Celebs are like, "This fever has caused me to levitate out of myself and become a pure purveyor of products. Would you like to buy some blush? My cheeks will be your blush."
She blamed her illness on shooting in the rain in Rome, which is a pretty good way to get deathly ill.
"Hm..I just realised that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink," Vergara captioned the snap. "I need this colors."
Check out her content below. (And yes, Sofia, we would buy this blush.)

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