The Story Behind Keke Palmer's Tattoo Is The Most Relatable, Ever

We've all wanted to proclaim our undying devotion to a significant other at some point in our lives. For example, I once considered getting my high school boyfriend’s baseball number tattooed on my back, before quickly changing my mind. Alas, getting a back tattoo for your then-lover is, more often than not, a disaster in the making — especially if you break up. (Just ask Khloé Kardashian, who has been grappling with whether or not to erase ex-husband Lamar Odom's initials from her hand.) But not everyone has such a painful experience, and Keke Palmer is one of them.
Breaking up, moving on from, and getting on good terms with an ex can be a feat in and of itself — let alone if you have a permanent reminder of him or her etched on your body. But Palmer is cool and collected when it comes to her ink, which was inspired by her ex-boyfriend. Not that we're surprised; Palmer is one of the celebrities who is endlessly bold and outspoken, no matter what her haters say. Which is why her recent social media post is totally on-brand for the singer.
The star took to Instagram to share the back story behind her tattoo earlier this week. “I dated a guy that always said, ‘nobody gets it right on the first try.' I loved the quote so much I got it tatted on my arm," she captioned the post. She continued: "But the gag is he was right, I didn’t get it right on my first try … which is why I’m done with his ass.”
Despite giving her ex getting all the credit for the quote, we think the meaning behind Palmer’s tattoo rings true for a lot of us — whether you’re just getting over a breakup, starting your first job, or even dyeing your hair platinum. How many tattoos can claim that victory?
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