Here's Allegedly Why Janet Jackson & Wissam Al Mana Are Separating

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Bear with us, because we're going to take you deep into a swamp of allegedlies and rumors about why Janet Jackson is breaking up with her husband. Jackson and billionaire Wissam Al Mana allegedly quietly split shortly after the birth of their son, Eissa Al Mana, in early January. What happened before and since is the subject of some tabloid speculation, of which we will now apprise you. Bear in mind that these reports are short on specifics and long on speculation, but two different publications (Page Six and People) have lent their sources enough credo to go to print.
The main issue between Jackson and Al Mana seems to be a cultural one, according to multiple reports. Al Mana is a Qatari businessman whose wealth is most likely at least quadruple Jackson's $250 million. He's probably used to getting his way. Janet Jackson is, well, Janet Jackson. She knows what she's doing in her career and in her life. The two are strong personalities, almost tailor-made for a clash.
“She thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy and she had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts,” a source that worked closely with the couple told Page Six.
His wishes for Jackson may have been tied to his Qatari upbringing, though we're not certain. Jackson did her best to abide by Al Mana's desires for their shared life.
"The cultural differences between her and Wissam became even more obvious [after Eissa arrived]. They come from very different worlds," a source told People. "For years, Janet tried to adapt to his culture. Since it’s not a culture she grew up with, it’s been challenging for her. She often felt she disappointed Wissam."
But that doesn't mean that they're going to be bad parents, or even that they dislike each other. Apparently, they're going to co-parent their son while Jackson lives in London.
"They're both busy people but determined to be good parents, even if they're apart," a source said. "It's amicable and Eissa will stay with his mother, who is basing herself in London."
Sometimes things don't work out. It happens. It's down to us, or whoever participates in the relationship, to make sure to end things before people hate each other. If you loved someone once, you can probably get back to at least liking them.

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