The Subtle Reasons We're Very Worried About Kim Kardashian On KUWTK

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians has followed Kim Kardashian through her darkest year yet, starting with her Paris robbery at gunpoint. Although the entire Kardashian family is trying to pretend there’s a semblance of normalcy around Kim in "When It Rains, It Pours," which is three episodes after robbery-focused "Paris," it’s obvious Kim is still dealing with a lot of trauma. Now, her pain is simply more subtle than a sob-filled breakdown.
The top of the episode hints something is very wrong when Kim goes out for the first time since the heist to support husband Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour stop. Mom Kris Jenner jokingly points out Kim seems to be wearing just a T-shirt "with nothing on under it" as an outfit. The observation was meant to be a joke poking fun at the tired and misogynistic narrative that the Kardashian women don’t usually wear clothing. Kim, however, has no time to play around. "I don’t have any energy to put on clothes or makeup," she says.
While that all may sound like a cry for help to some people watching, Kris simply says, "Well, that’s all right," between unsettled sips of her drink.
Kim’s terrible time out continues as she and her loved ones go out to their seats to enjoy the show. The middle Kardashian sister sits there looking deeply uncomfortable, worrying about who’s looking at her. "Feeling the vibe of the crowd, I’m really nervous," she says in voiceover. "I now think everyone has a weapon or everyone is going to do something harmful. I just now have this anxiety."
The only way Kim can calm down is to escape backstage in the middle of the performance, as she explains, "I just want to disappear for a little bit."
Kim’s discomfort outside of her home gets so extreme, much of the episode revolves around whether or not she’ll attend a black-tie event honoring her beloved late father, Robert Kardashian. When asked if she’s going to show up at the very public Angel Ball, the reality star says, "I don’t know if I’m going to go. I’m going to see how I feel." Kim knows it would be "meaningful" if she could pay her respects to her dad, but she’s still not sure if she’s ready.
In fact, Kim wasn’t ready to attend Kris's birthday party either, when the KarJenner siblings rented out Cinepolis theater solely for their family. That means only people Kim is comfortable with were in attendance and she still wasn’t emotionally prepared. "It breaks my heart she still feels uncomfortable about being out and about," the momager admits.
Sadly, our concern for Kim isn’t set to go down any time soon, thanks to the cliffhanger in "Pours." In the last moments of the episode we see the hip hop wife learn of Kanye West’s November 2016 hospitalization, and she reacts by understandably crying into the phone. Can someone please give Kim Kardashian a hug ASAP?

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