These Are The Companies Where You're Most Likely To Earn 100K+ In 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
If you want to land a six-figure job, your best bet is to apply to a tech company.
Today, job site Glassdoor released its annual list of the 25 highest paying companies in America. Out of those 25, all of which have median base salaries exceeding $100,000, 20 are tech companies.
This isn't too shocking. "Tech companies are in such high competition with one another and they're all searching for a niche skill set," says Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor's community expert. While other factors, such as workplace culture, job location, and benefits, play into someone's decision to take a job, higher compensation could be the make-or-break factor in a candidate's decision to go to Google over Facebook or vice versa.
Despite the many major tech companies that you'll see on this year's list, you'll notice one glaring omission: Apple. But there's a reason for that. Though Apple pays well, Glassdoor considers all positions at a company when determining median compensation. Apple's average is lowered once you factor in the salaries of retail employees, Dobroski says.
Click through to see which companies made the cut, and where you stand a chance of getting that six-figure paycheck.

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