McDonald's Cherry Blossom Float Is Gorgeous

Have you heard? It’s officially cherry blossom season. Depending on where you’re living in the world this can mean absolutely nothing but, for some foodie enthusiasts, privileged to reside in certain places this only means one thing: seasonal menus.
Select McDonald's locations in Japan are the latest to jump on the cherry blossom train. The fast-food chain released a fizzy Sakura McFloat to celebrate the season. Between the refreshing-looking pink bubbles, with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top, it just might be the prettiest little beverage on Instagram this season.
According to Tokyo’s Rocket News 24, the franchise has also released an ice cream-less version for those craving a sip of the cherry-flavored soda sans dairy. Despite the cherry-flavored foods and beverages sprouting up this season, it’s worth noting that in Japan, the sakura trees bear no actual fruit. Just lush, beautiful flowers that awash the city in stunning pinks.
The McFloat and the McFizz have already debuted on the streets of Japan, covered in springtime packaging adorned with flowers, and we’re already jealous. Sure their new ice-cold Minute Maid Slushies, which just debuted in Houston, sound great. Cherry-flavored fizz paired with ice cream sounds pretty amazing. It’s practically our childhoods in a cup. So hey McDonald’s maybe show us some cherry love stateside? Sure we’re still coming down from our minty Shamrock Shake highs and we want more.
Surely we can worth this out. After all, there’s the National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. While D.C. Cherry Blossom McFloat doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Sakura McFloat,” surely you can bend the rules?
The Golden Arches isn’t the only brand to debut a seasonal beverage in Japan this week. Starbucks also released their adorable matcha cups, filled with matcha-flavored pudding.
Yes, we’re jealous of that too.
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