Starbucks' New Matcha Cups Are Adorable

It may be cherry-blossom season in Japan, but there's another reason to book a flight, stat. Starbucks is debuting a Japan-exclusive treat that'll have you practicing touristy phrases.
Teen Vogue reports that the coffee chain just introduced matcha pudding. And not only does that sound incredible on its own, the little snacks come in adorable packaging that'll give you a pick-me-up in more ways than one.
Naturally, Starbucks Japan announced the new menu item on Instagram, showing off the little bright-green containers and the verdant dessert within them.
"Matcha-flavored pudding emerges tomorrow. There are three kinds of package designs," the caption reads with a little help from Instagram's translation services.
It's unmistakable. Starbucks designed those mini cups to look just like the coffee cups that we all know and love (and wait in line for every day). The matcha pudding may not have the caffeine of your morning cup of Joe, but it's got a bit, plus it has a slew of other health benefits. The finely ground tea powder boasts antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. It's even known to be calming while offering a little bit of energy, too.
Those containers have another way of adding a spring to your step. Each cup is emblazoned with one of three sweet inspirational quotes: "It's time to start!" "Make someone's day," or "Each day is a gift."
This isn't the first time that the Starbucks siren has offered up puddings abroad. Last year, customers at Korean and Japanese locations could snag custard and chocolate puddings in similar mini-cup packaging.
Hypebeast adds that there's no news on whether or not the matcha pudding will hit stores in America (all clues point to no, since Starbucks pudding isn't really a thing here), but for anyone itching to head to Japan, this is just another reason to get those tickets now.

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