Why Zosia Mamet Decided To Keep Her Wedding A Secret

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Some brides want to proclaim their nuptials from the rooftops, share all the prep with their best friends, and have every single painstaking detail of their ceremonies documented on every social media channel possible. Zosia Mamet isn't one of those brides. In fact, when she did get married to now-husband Evan Jonigkeit, the details she revealed to Stephen Colbert showed that many of her choices were decidedly alt-bride. But why did Mamet decide to keep so many aspects of her wedding on the down low?
The Girls star explained her reasoning on a recent appearance on The Late Show, saying, "I was secretly engaged. We just wanted it to be our thing. Our families knew." Mamet added that not having it out in the open made it more special — and she probably avoided a lot of pushy relatives and friends tossing their opinions around.
Mamet also explained that her wedding prep was deeply connected to Colbert, adding that right after her last visit to the late-night talk show, she went to choose her wedding gown (which, by the way, was black). "I went directly from our taping to the place I got my wedding dress, and I bought my wedding dress that night," she said.
Though most her friends and family didn't know about Mamet's engagement, she explained to Vogue that those who were in on the secret were more than willing to help her out. Mamet said that unlike most girls, she never dreamed about her wedding. She was more focused on finding the perfect partner, not choreographing a perfect ceremony. So her pals helped her out. Naturally, Mamet had some backup when she went to pick out her gown.
"The dress I ultimately chose was by Givenchy, and it was the last one I tried on — the minute it went over my head, both my friends gasped," she told the magazine. "It definitely wasn’t the most epic in terms of the dress' power on its own, but it fit me like a glove in every way, and I knew, without a doubt, that it was my dress. That was it, I bought it off the rack."
Mamet's decision to keep her wedding details a secret may be wise advice to brides who don't want to have it all out there. And now that her ceremony is in the rear-view, it's clear that Mamet is more than happy to discuss every last detail, from that stunning black dress to the aura photographer.
Watch the full interview below.

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