Meghan Trainor's Boyfriend Learned Sign Language To Communicate With Her After Vocal Cord Surgery

Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/REX/Shutterstock.
When Meghan Trainor recovered from her first vocal chord surgery in 2015, she gave her first post-op surgery on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. on Friday. On Friday, Trainor re-entered the spotlight after a hiatus following a secret second vocal chord surgery. And where did she go? Ellen, of course.
The singer stopped by the talk show on Friday to perform "I'm A Lady" and open up about the guy who helped her power through the three months of no speaking required. "I really couldn't talk since December," Trainor told DeGeneres. "It was tough."
Fortunately, Trainor had Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara by her side. "The real trooper was my boyfriend 'cause he learned sign language for me. So I would spell out words for him and I'd get frustrated and I'd be like, [signing] 'No, wrong!' and he would learn and he just stuck with me through it. So he was great." Sabara, who became Instagram official with Trainor in October, also took up the silent activity of painting alongside his girlfriend. "He would stick with me and paint with me, even though his [paintings] were not as good as mine. But they were there. He put effort in it," she laughed.
Th singer added, "He's better than whatever I wished for." Judging by the way she describes their bedroom life, it sure sounds like it.

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