The Coolest New Way To Get Your Matcha Fix Isn't At Starbucks

This story was originally published on April 6.
Matcha tea is the Red Bull of 2017 — everywhere you look, people are singing its praises. In fact, the minty green latte gets just as much screen time on Instagram's popular page as sunsets or puppies or bikini-on-the-beach pics. Brunch now relies on it as much as avocado toast. Hell, as of yesterday, even Starbucks is getting in on the action — rolling out matcha-flavored pudding cups in Japan. This shit is everywhere.
Including beauty products. Plenty of skin-care brands are sprinkling shots of the finely-milled green tea powder into cleansers, masks, and creams to wake your face up faster than a cup of coffee. The jolt comes from the antioxidants: Not only does the sea foam-colored tea fight free radicals, it also stops all signs of inflammation and redness in their tracks. The only downside is that most products on the market require you to physically mix them up before slathering your mug (the other mug), and DIYing can get downright messy. That's where Milk Makeup's latest invention comes in.
The social media-backed brand, known for churning out easy-to-use innovations and skin-care-on-sticks, is making matcha as portable as a Starbucks to-go cup. The Milk Makeup Matcha Toner is the first-ever solid toner, and it's loaded with kombucha, cactus, and green tea, all of which purify and calm the skin. Then there's the Matcha Cleanser; the soap and silicone-free stick sudser is packed with the tea and gentle exfoliators for the easiest power wash.
But of course, like all good things in life, the good news comes with a caveat and that is that both products won't be available until May 2nd. Considering the double-tap potential, though, we suggest you start planning your Instagram post now.
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