Lindsay Lohan's Thailand Vacation In 2 Words: Burkinis & Surfboards

Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.
Lindsay Lohan is currently vacationing in Thailand, where she is learning about Islam, surfing, and casually posing for paparazzi pictures. The actress has been on a global trek of recent, traveling from Europe to North America and now to Asia on a quest of self-fulfillment (and because she is a celebrity and can travel when she pleases). She also recently announced a new reality show series where she punks random people on social media, so she's deserved a little LiLo time in the sun.
Much like a modern-day Carmen Sandiego, Lohan has been wearing a sort of disguise as she hops from destination to destination, and her latest look is quite specific. In pictures on The Daily Mail, and now being shared around the internet, Lohan is seen wearing a burkini, a fashionable waterproof outfit mostly worn by Muslim women while on the beach or at the pool as a modest approach to wearing a bikini or one-piece. The burkini made headlines last year when French beaches attempted to ban them (unsuccessfully), but luckily they're welcome in Phucket, Thailand. Lohan has recently shared news that she is working on a modest fashion line, which means there's a chance the Parent Trap actress designed this outfit herself and is testing it out, mixing a little bit of work with pleasure during her vacay.
From the photos, she is really working her angles and serving up the best poses in her black and red look.
Burkini-clad and ocean bound, Lohan's vacation has been full of activity. In the photos, she appears to be toting around a large surfboard and taking lessons on the water.
The new year has been a good one so far for the 30-year-old, who has rebranded herself from her wilder 20s to a someone who focuses on international affairs, refugee aid, and overall self-awareness.

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