Lacey Chabert's 7-Month-Old Daughter Recognized Her While Watching Mean Girls

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Lacey Chabert has changed a lot since she played Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, but her seven-month-old daughter Julia Mimi Bella was still able to recognize her in the movie.
While the fam was catching the film on television, Julia perked up at one particular scene, and it's one of our favorites, too.
"She turned around and she looked and it was the 'Jingle Bell Rock' portion," Chabert told People. If you recall, that's the one where Gretchen falls out of favor with Regina after arguing over who stands where in the school holiday show. They bump into each other until the tape skips, chaos ensues, and Cady saves the day by singing the song herself. Classic.
"She started laughing. I was like, 'I think she recognizes me!'" said Chabert. (Or, in all fairness, she could've been laughing at Gretchen's failure to make "fetch" happen.)
Speaking of "fetch," Chabert's fans will never let her live that word down. "I feel like, on a daily basis, people ask me to say, 'That’s so fetch,'" she said. "Like, 'Will you tell my niece, "That’s so fetch?"'... 'Stop trying to make "fetch" happen.'" Gretchen may have never made "fetch" happen at North Shore High School, but at least Chabert did for the rest of the world.
That's not all she's been up to since Mean Girls, though. In 2015, she played Mariah Carey's nemesis in the holiday movie A Christmas Melody. And the year before, she revealed she'd gotten married in secret to her husband Dave Nehdar.
She announced her pregnancy with a shirt on her dog Kitty reading, "my mom is having a baby and all I get is this silly shirt" last February. In September, Julia was born, and Chabert called her "my heart's deepest dream come true." And how could she not be when she's one of her mom's biggest fans?
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