How Lacey Chabert Can Use Her Pregnancy To Finally Make Fetch Happen

Photo: Broadimage/REX Shutterstock.
Congratulations to Lacey Chabert, who announced that she is expecting her first child!

She did it in the cutest way, too, enlisting her (somewhat grumpy) dog, named Kitty, to help reveal the news. In a photo, Lacey and Kitty the dog adorably shared the good news.

Better get used to it Kitty, there will soon be a new tiny little Mean Girl in your house!

Hopefully this baby bump will show up as the plot twist in some Hallmark Christmas movies for the 2016 season!

It's not like we're insisting she wear pink every Wednesday, but we are already starting our campaign for her to name the baby Gretchen Wieners if it's a girl. We're sure Kitty the dog would approve. If she has a boy, we strongly suggest naming him Fetch. So that Fetch can finally happen.

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