These Are Our Favorite Black Women Comedians

Photo: Will Heath/NBC.
You might be surprised by how many assumptions women still have to debunk about ourselves in 2017. From refuting accusations that we're not able to make decisions about our own bodies and families, to defending ourselves against more trivial charges, like women not being funny. To the latter point, there are a whole host of lady comedians who are dispelling that myth every day.
Although I’m not sure the “not funny” label applies to Black women in quite the same way, as we always seem to end up the butt of jokes. In films and TV shows, including The Hangover, Napoleon Dynamite, and The Office, Black women often show up to represent an obtrusive “other” whose very presence prompts a giggle. And notable Black comedians like Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx have profited from performing low-key offensive caricatures of Black women. These men have gone on to accomplish mainstream success, while the Mo’Niques and Adele Givens of the industry are often passed over.
But all is not lost. Black women don’t exist solely at the tail end of the joke. There are some amazing Black women comedians who are making our sides hurt with their wit and humor. Check out some of our favorites, ahead.

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