People Are Using Snapchat's Scissors In Very Bizarre Ways

If there's one thing that Snapchat users love more than the app's dog and flower-crown lenses, it's the scissors tool.
Ever since Snapchat launched the editing feature (alongside the Prisma-like paintbrush tool) this past December, it's become one of the most popular parts of the app.
The idea behind the tool isn't revolutionary, but, like much of Snapchat, it is pure fun. Take a photo, tap the scissors icon on the upper toolbar, and outline the part of the photo that you want to turn into a sticker. You can make your sticker smaller or larger, move it anywhere on screen, and save it to the regular stickers tab for future use. It's a very simple form of Photoshop.
But users have taken the editing tool to creative, and sometimes bizarre, new heights. According to New York Magazine, some teenage boys are creating stickers of their penises, which they then enlarge for — well, you get why. In case you were wondering: Dick pics are alive and well.
A simple "snapchat sticker" Twitter search proves that boys aren't the only ones using stickers to subtly photoshop their bodies; apparently, women are creating stickers of their breasts, too.
Of course, not everyone is using stickers to sext. Below, a brief overview of some of the most popular sticker scenarios.
Exhibit A: Photobombing your teachers.
Exhibit B: Mocking friends.
Exhibit C: Turning a popular meme into Snap art.
Exhibit D: Taking pet love to the next level.
Exhibit E: Putting yourself in unlikely scenarios.
Have another sticker use case you're crazy about? Tell us in the comments.

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