Paris Jackson Had The Perfect Response To This Body-Shaming Tweet

When, oh when, will people learn that Paris Jackson is not someone to be trifled with?
The daughter of the late pop icon Michael Jackson once again proved that she's not afraid to stick up for herself by shutting down a Twitter user's comment about her body. Jackson, who turns 19 today, hit the red carpet twice over the weekend, prompting a troll to helpfully (eye roll) tweet that she's gained weight. (Just imagine going up to a complete stranger and telling them something like that.)
"Yes you have put on a little weight," the tweeter commented.
Jackson's response was priceless.
"Fuck yeah I have," she shot back.
The comeback earned praise from Jackson fans, many of whom noted that, until recently, she's primarily been in the public eye as a child. Of course she would gain weight with age. (And, even if her age had nothing to do with it, it's nobody's business what her size is or how her body looks.)
"I've gained weight too since I was 12," tweeted one of the model and actress' supporters.
"I'd sure hope she has put on a little weight," wrote another fan. "If she were still the same weight that she was as a child I'd be really concerned."
The original tweeter remarked that the comment was "misunderstood."
"It was a amusing comment," the anonymous troll wrote. "You folks need to chill out."
It wasn't funny, and it's hard to see how the comment could be "misunderstood." Unfortunately, body-shaming is all too common, especially when people can hide behind avatars on social media.
Jackson, who attended the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, also defended herself from another online hater who criticized her fame.
"I'm actually using my platform for activism regarding poverty, the environment, LGBTQ, women around the world, immigrants, etc.," she wrote. "Where you been?"
You tell 'em.

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