The Internet Has An Unusual Request For Twitter — & It Has To Do With Facebook

It isn’t unusual to see people beg Twitter for an edit button. But this week, users took to the platform to request something very different of the social network.
Note to those in charge at Twitter: Do not create your own version of Stories unless you want to endure the wrath of your users.
Yes, stories overload is officially a thing. Indulge us a moment while we return to the place where it all began: Snapchat. In October 2013, the company released the first, digital era "Stories" and managed to turn the term into a part of the millennial and Gen Z lexicon.
Then, this past summer — almost a full three years later — Instagram released its own Stories. It was quickly called a copycat, but plenty of people forgave the platform for its mimicry and found new ways to use Instagram Stories that have distinguished it from Snapchat. After all, it is Instagram. While Instagram Stories are usually less filtered and posed than regular Instagram, they're usually not as casual as Snapchat Stories.
Now, despite the unique masks and filters offered on Facebook Stories, the Internet has reached its threshold. Too much. Not having it. Done.
Of course, as happened with Instagram Stories, the tide may turn and people may forget their Stories fatigue and take to Facebook's version. But for any other social networks looking to build Stories into their platform, it's probably smart to give it a rest — at least for the time being.

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