Everyone Is Talking About Justin Bieber's Latest Fashion Faux Pas

At this point we kind of feel bad for Justin Bieber's stylist. Though the Bieb-ployee has received her fair share of hate, it's not about to stop any time soon. That's because Bieber is rocking a look that many would call suspect at best when he stepped out to the beach today.
We're not sure, exactly, how to describe this look to you. So we'll just show you. Younger readers may want to avert their eyes.
The look is so remarkable that InStyle even composed a poem to it.
We're going to offer a half-hearted defense of Bieber's look. He's on the beach, he could even be on vacation. Lord help us if people saw half the ridiculous stuff we wore on vacation. My own personal last vacation was dominated by mud-splattered Gazelles and short-sleeve button-ups so preppy someone swam to shore off a yacht to punch me in the face. That didn't really happen, but you get the point. Let the man wear whatever ridiculous gear he wants.

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