It's Time To Stop Calling Blac Chyna A Gold Digger

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images.
Blac Chyna has made one thing clear: She is not interested in our lady expectations of demure social media decorum. If she feels some type of way, she is going to let it rip and leave us to pick up the pieces. This is exactly what happened earlier this week when she blasted her ex Tyga on Snapchat and dared any of his allies to try to check her about it. All is obviously not well between the exes, who co-parent their 4-year-old son, King. Although tension over money seemed to prompt the digital lashing from Chyna, the idea that she is a gold digger just doesn’t hold any water when it comes to this famous baby mama.
Let the receipts show that Chyna appears to be more financially responsible than both Tyga and her most recent ex, Rob Kardashian. Tyga has a list of financial problems so long that being a gold digger himself might be a smart move (hi, Kylie Jenner). And as for Rob, we know from the first season of Rob & Chyna that getting him to do any work is a bit of a struggle. With the exception of slinging socks, all of Rob’s worth is relational to his family. Meanwhile Chyna’s hustle is unstoppable, and has been for quite some time.
As per the course of sexism and misogynoir, Chyna was almost immediately labeled a gold digger because of her previous work as a stripper. But by the time Chyna met Tyga in 2011, she had already branded herself as an urban model. She was supplementing her income as a dancer with hosting gigs and other publicity. She won Model of the Year at the Urban Model Awards two months before she even met her future ex-fiancé. She may not have reached the elite upper echelons of the wealthy, she’s been making more money than me for quite some time.
A mother asking the father of her kid to pay what he owes in terms of child support is not begging for a handout. I was disappointed that Chyna resorted to homophobic slurs in order to shame Tyga, but if any of her other claims are true he definitely deserved to be dragged. And if being a gold digger means being constantly at odds with that likes of Tyga, then it’s not as glamorous or easy as people make it seem.

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