Blac Chyna Blasts Tyga & Kylie In Snapchat Tirade

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Blac Chyna is not happy with Tyga and she's letting all of Snapchat know it.
Chyna accused her ex of not paying child support for their 4-year-old son King on Snapchat on Wednesday, as Cosmopolitan reports.
Chyna wrote that Tyga and his new girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, were looking to throw her out. "They wanted to see me fail lol," she wrote, continuing, "And 2 grind from the dirt. No child support!"
Chyna went on to blast Tyga by letting him know she was good for the money, even if he wasn't: "I bet any money! I got more money then ur account Tyga![sic]"
Tyga's money troubles have become public knowledge since it was reported last year that he owes jeweler Jason Arashe $270,000 for a diamond watch and a diamond Cuban link chain that Tyga never returned in 2012. It was also reported last August that the red Ferrari Tyga was leasing was repossessed after he missed a couple of payments. That same month, Tyga reached a settlement with a former landlord who said he owed $480,000 in damages and interest over the course of the five years he lived in a Malibu rental.
Tyga's finances may be in question, but the rapper recently told People that his son "likes everything that I like: cars, women, jewelry." Tyga also expressed some concern that he might be spoiling his son rotten. Buying him a grill and matching Ferraris may have been the cause of his worries.
It's hard to believe Tyga's not-so-humble brag isn't what inspired Chyna to go off on her ex so publicly. "Stop running to ur money!" she wrote. "Telling my business about King!"
Chyna would later tell Tyga to "go tell Kylie and Rob about our son account." She also wanted to make clear that she only wants the money he owes, nothing else. Especially not him, a prospect she found laughable: "But u wanna make it like I want u lol!"
Chyna would end her 10-snap storm by letting Tyga know he could get people after her, "ur mom. ur bitch," before sending out the address to LashBar and the words "on wait." This may be a sign that perhaps she and Tyga were going to hash out their problems in a more private setting.
Tyga has not yet responded publicly to Chyna's allegations.

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