The Most Fascinating Thing About Blac Chyna Is Her Hustle

Photo: John Milne/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock.
Blac Chyna did not waste any time getting back to work after giving birth to Baby Dream. Not even her wild blow ups with Rob Kardashian knocked her off of her square. In fact, we have every reason to believe that the controversy drummed up even more interest in the Blac Chyna brand. One of the things I’ve always admired about Chyna is her grind. For every twist and turn in her personal life, there has been a money bag not far behind. Every picture is a deal. Every post is a paycheck.
Yesterday she posted a topless picture of herself with tresses at least 30 inches long blowing in the wind — giving a shout out worth thousands to Kendra’s Boutique Hair and an Atlanta photographer. It’s a picture that can be reused tomorrow to promote an herbal tea, an accessories line, her own cosmetics company, or even a pair of jeans. Slut-shamers be damned.
Chyna presents her followers with “problems,” a relationship in turmoil, some baby weight, or unattainable hair goals, for example. And then she hands them a solution that they can purchase directly from her or one of her promotional partners — a catch-your-spouse-cheating app, a waist trainer, or an extensions company. It’s a formula that the mom-of-two has perfected since branching out as an entrepreneur.
So many people are invested in proving that Chyna is not as business savvy, famous, rich, or graceful as the Kardashians. She’s not “as good” at being her own brand. We don’t criticize everyone with a computer science degree for not being as great as Steve Jobs. Whether or not Rob & Chyna returns for a second season, Chyna has laid the foundation for a profit margin. Chyna’s businesses dealings may not be of the same caliber as her soon-to-be-maybe in laws, but she has built a brand that works for her.
You can deny Chyna’s relationship drama. You can deny her snatched waist. You can deny her the Kardashian name. But you can’t deny her hustle.

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