Shonda Rhimes' New Beauty Project Could Make You Famous

Shonda Rhimes knows firsthand that there is power in putting strong women in front of the camera. After all, that's why she placed a badass, power-broker character at the helm of ABC's hit show Scandal, and let Meredith Grey lead the charge in Grey's Anatomy for, you know, 500 seasons. (ICYMI, Rhimes is the writer and producer for both shows.) Now, she's ready to sprinkle her message of female empowerment into the world of beauty.
Just in time for its 60th anniversary, Dove is teaming up with the award-winning producer to launch a brand-new venture: Real Beauty Productions, a digital studio that invites everyday women to share their personal stories, hopes, and dreams in regards to the media's perception of beauty. Rhimes will serve as the creative director.
The goal is to put the power of storytelling back into the hands of women. (The entire production crew, for example, will be entirely female.) Starting today, if you're so inclined to share your own personal definition of beauty, Dove is inviting you to head to the campaign's website and upload a short film. On March 30, Dove will start accepting submissions — and, if chosen, you could be the central character of your own mini movie series produced by Rhimes. Cool, right?
Play your cards right, and you might just be on your way to becoming the next Kerry Washington.

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