Watch Sexy Women Like Blac Chyna & Nina Dobrev Literally Beg For Healthcare

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Stars: they're just like us. As in, they've got ovaries, mammary glands, Fallopian tubes, uteri, rectouterine pouches, cervices, and, last but not least, vaginas. (Oh, we're talking about lady stars only btw.) And on all women's behalves, they're campaigning to hold on to the healthcare that keeps all of those lady bits running smoothly — in a most sensual manner.
"Sexy Women Beg for Healthcare" is a hilarious and clever new PSA produced by Funny Or Die and featuring a slew of celebs like Blac Chyna, Nina Dobrev, and Rebecca Romijn. In the three-and-a-half minute video, published Tuesday, the women explain why providing women with lifesaving healthcare — like birth control, pap smears, and breast cancer screenings — is smart and sexy.
It becomes clear that the women are appealing to ignorant men who appreciate women's bodies aesthetically — but don't understand the value and necessity of guaranteeing reproductive healthcare for women — when they start saying things like this: "You've probably thought about touching my breasts... Or wondered what I look like as a naked cartoon character."
The stars (which also include Riverdale's Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch, as well as medical drama Pure Genius actress Odette Annable) explain: "I'm here to remind you that while you may be super familiar with the outside of my body, my body also has an inside — including a pretty hefty amount of reproductive organs. And in order to keep those reproductive organs fully functioning, they need some motherfucking healthcare!" Point taken.
"I'm sure when you're thinking about my beautiful huge breasts, you're probably not thinking that they need to be regularly screened for breast cancer," they continue, before naming less female reproductive organs: "The Bartholin's glands — those are the things that secrete vaginal mucus." Romijn adds with a wink, "They flood my basement. You know what I'm talking about."
The women end on this sexy-serious note: "So please, when politicians talk about things like not wanting to cover contraception or prenatal care or mammograms, think about us," the ladies share. "Sexily begging you to keep us healthy, because there's nothing sexier than being alive."
Hear that, Congress and dudes everywhere? Watch the full video, below. And share with the men in your life who could use some education on the topic.

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