Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi Just Made A HUGE Relationship Move

Photo: Randy Holmes/Getty Images.
The Bachelor has a way of messing with the traditional romantic narrative. First comes national television show, then comes love and maybe marriage — baby in the baby carriage pending, and ultimately not that important to the franchise. All other relationship milestones, normally kind of a big deal, are just aftershocks to that epic televised proposal. It's confusing. For example, the latest Bachelor couple, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi, are engaged. That's a pretty big milestone But despite being engaged, the couple still has a lot of relationship territory to cover. Bit by bit, though, they're crossing the t's and dotting the i's. The couple recently revealed during a segment for The Ellen Degeneres Show that they've moved in together. They played a game called "How Engaged Are You?" with producers Tracy Gold and Andy Zenor on the daytime talk show's after show and let it slip that they were playing house.
"Who's the messiest?" Zenor asked as a part of the game. Both Viall and Grimaldi indicated that the former Bachelor was slob supreme.
"We need to buy you hangers," Grimaldi remarked.
"Although, we just moved in together," Viall said in defense, implying that the recent conjoining of households was at fault for the hanger situation. This is news. Last we heard, the two were struggling to find a living situation. Grimaldi is from Montréal, Quebec, and Viall lives in Los Angeles. On AftertThe Final Rose shortly after their engagement, the couple seemed nervous about the prospect of picking a home.
"Have y'all picked a country?" Chris Harrison joked.
"We're leaning towards the good old U.S. of A.," Viall answered. Well, it seems they've cemented that decision: They're officially living together in the states. The other concern over the move-in was the small matter of U.S. Immigration. Both Viall and Grimaldi made nervous references to the fact that coming to America might not be so easy. (This is perhaps the understatement of the century so far.) By this admission, though, it seems the process worked out just fine, and this particular reality television couple is settling into Los Angeles life. Watch the full clip of the newly engaged twosome, below.

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