This Director Read Jennifer Lawrence's Diary Without Her Permission & My Teenage Self Died A Little

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There is nothing that I would find more humiliating than someone reading the diary I kept during my pre-teen years. Even I found reading my diary embarrassing, which is why I threw it away shortly before leaving for college. What if someone read it while I was away at school, busy crafting a persona (only slightly) cooler than the one I left behind in high school? It was simply too great a risk. Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence, someone claims to have gotten their hands on what I can only imagine was an enthralling memoir of the Hunger Games actress' early years in Hollywood. I feel for you, girl.
According to his new profile in Vanity Fair, director Uwe Boll got a very personal look at Lawrence's early life, totally without her permission. If you haven't heard of Boll, he's the guy who made Alone In The Dark, a film adaptation of the video game of the same name, in which Christian Slater plays a paranormal detective and Tara Reid his scientist assistant. It's considered by some to be one of the worst films of all time. Those who dislike Boll's directing style probably won't be too shocked to learn he's not a particularly great houseguest, either.
According to Boll's Vanity Fair profile, Boll once rented a room from the Oscar winner's parents, during which time he got his hands on Lawrence's childhood diary. Instead of placing the diary in a safe place — novelty lock still intact — Boll proudly declared to Vanity Fair that he actually read the whole thing. Yep. He read a child's diary, because, sure, why not?
“You should actually write that in the article,” Boll told Vanity Fair. “She doesn’t know it.”
I don't know about you guys, but I would take some issue knowing that the guy who made BloodRayne, a film which currently boasts 2.9 stars on IMDb (and, far more inexplicably, Ben Kingsley), has intimate details of my teenage life locked in his brain. It's...not something that I would want.
The notoriously private Lawrence — who doesn't have a public Twitter or Instagram — has yet to respond to Boll's admission.

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