Christina El Moussa Has No Time For Instagram Mom Shamers

Stars, they're just like us: totally not immune to the mom-shamers of Instagram. This time the target is Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa, who had to deal with the holier-than-thou commentary about her parenting not once, but twice, this week. Ugh. It seems moms on the internet can't do anything right.
Yesterday, El Moussa shared a photo to her Instagram from her daughter's first slumber party, where the kids were playing in a pool.
"Our first slumber party," El Moussa wrote. " fun." But commenters immediately came out to concern-troll the 33-year-old mom, who is in the middle of a highly contentious divorce from her Flip or Flop co-star, Tarek. "No one is a hater, but as a mother it is scary to have a toddler being that close to a pool!" wrote user luvmyhub3. Nevermind the fact that, as evidenced by the fact that she'd just taken the photo, it was clear that El Moussa was super close to her son as he stood near the pool's edge. This was not a case of an unsupervised child.
The mother of two was not. Here. For. It. She fired back immediately and said as much. "@luvmyhub3 OMG 1. It's a beach entry if he fell in it's only a foot high, he would be ok 2. It's not his first time in or around the pool, but thanks for your "concern" aka judgment 3. AND most importantly I am right there and could be to him in 3 seconds SMH at this .....!!!!" Christina wrote back. Sadly, this kind of faux concern is ever present for parents, but especially moms, in the digital age.
Earlier this week, El Moussa posted a photo of her and her daughter in matching bikinis and the internet collectively clutched their pearls, calling the photo "totally inappropriate." But, never one to give in to haters, El Moussa posted another photo of the duo in their "offensive" swimsuits this afternoon.
By standing up for herself and her parenting, El Moussa stands up for moms everywhere. Can't everyone just let us live (and parent)? There's got to be more important things for people to worry about.

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