Westworld Stars Were Just As Surprised By Plot Twists As You

Photo: Courtesy of Imeh Bryant.
If the twists and turns (and twists on turns) on HBO’s Westworld had you riveted to your screen freaking out, apparently you're not alone. During Saturday’s PaleyFest session with the stars of the show, the actors revealed that they were kept in the dark throughout the production process in season one.
If you haven't watched the first season yet, please do so and return to this story afterward.
Here's what they didn't know:
Ed Harris (The Man in Black) had no idea a younger version of his character (William) was going to be part of the show.
“I walked by my trailer, and someone told me that Jimmi (Simpson) was the guy playing the younger me and I was like, ‘What?’" Harris said at the panel.
Evan Rachel Wood, who plays host D0lores, found not knowing the full plot to be a good thing for her character development.
“It helped that most of the time I didn’t know what was going on. We had no idea what was happening outside of our own worlds,” she said.
And like us, she didn't know what the maze was.
“One of my theories was that Arnold was at the center of the maze or that all of our human versions were going to be locked in there," she said at the panel.
She also had no clue about Bernard (we're still shook tbh).
"I didn’t know Bernard was a host when we were doing our scenes,” she said.
As far as season two goes, everyone is in the dark. When asked if it the new season would involve going into other worlds (remember the peek at Samurai World, during host Maeve's aborted escape?), showrunner Jonathan Nolan was elusive.
“That would be fun wouldn’t it?”
Yes, yes it would be.

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