Melissa McCarthy Shares Hilarious Marriage Secrets & How She Got The Spicer Gig

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If ever two people could command the attention of an entire room and keep that audience giggling throughout, Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone would be those people.
The couple dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, and many laughs were had. During a candid chat, the comedic duo opened up about their relationship — particularly, their "quirks." It’s no secret that those funny, cute characteristics we often find charming about our partner early in a relationship become fuel for nitpicking years down the line. For McCarthy, this includes her hubby’s hypochondria.
"I think what should not be making me laugh makes me laugh more. There are certain very weird things," she said. "Ben, lovingly, is a super-hypochondriac, maybe germophobe, and we may have seven or eight blood pressure cuffs in our home."
After DeGeneres shot the couple a perplexed glance, Falcone answered the question that had undoubtedly popped up in everyone’s head. “One isn't enough! What if it's not working right?"
McCarthy also shared a story about how Kent Sublette, the head writer for Saturday Night Live, called her up one day. “I hear you’re in New York,” McCarthy recounted of Sublette’s opening query before getting to the point. “Do you have any interest in coming in and doing Spicer for us?”
And so, the beloved satirical press secretary with an unrivaled sensitivity trigger came to be. "The weird thing is I feel like I look so much like my dad. I feel like my dad and Sean Spicer had a baby, and it's me, which makes it even weirder," she said.
McCarthy’s spot-on impersonation of Sean “Spicey” Spicer is a sketch that's sure to be added to SNL’s iconic political canon.
Despite initial reservations, McCarthy became increasingly committed to making her character come to life. “The prosthetics — the weirdest thing is that you mess with your ears and it really changes the shape of your head. And then I really got into it and asked, 'Can I have eye bags?' And the answer was, 'Yes!'"
As you can probably predict, McCarthy's Sean Spicer will more than likely make another appearance soon.

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