Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Had A Hilarious Date Night At Hamilton

What's more entertaining: Watching Hamilton, or watching Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard watch Hamilton? (Okay, it's obviously the first one, but, seriously, we love these guys. Never break up.)
The hilarious couple went to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway hit on a special date night this week, and, true to form, they documented it all. Also true to form: Bell cried, while Shepard cracked jokes.
Bell's excitement was palpable as she shared a quick video of them waiting for the Tony-winning musical to start.
"We're here at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, in our seats," the Frozen star told fans. "I've got chocolate-covered blueberries and the cutest man in town."
"Where, where?" Shepard joked as he munched on chocolate. "Brad Pitt's here?"
"Mommy and Daddy's night out!!!!" the mom of two daughters added in her Instagram caption. "#hamilton the musical is gonna bring the party! My excitement cannot be contained and full disclosure I cried during the opening number."
Of course she did. But what did Shepard think? Glad you asked.
"Here's an intermission review from @daxshepard, who hates all musicals and loved this one," Bell posted halfway through the show. "I was moved to tears 5 different times. My [heart] was singing the whole time. Every single performer was perfection. The band was divine. BRAVO to every hand involved. Thank you @lin_manuel for all energy it took to bring this story to stage."
The video shows her asking her husband what he thinks of the show so far.
"I wish there was more singing," the CHiPS star quipped.
“And what would your alternative title to the show be?” she asked.
Hamiltoe, because of the outfits," he replied.
Alas, at that moment the lights dimmed, and now we may never be privy to Shepard's stash of Aaron Burr jokes. We're sure they're witty AF.

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