This Survey Revealed That Many Men Don't Feel Personally Affected By Birth Control Usage

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According to a new poll, the country’s views on contraception aren’t as conservative as the current administration would have us think. In fact, dare we say they seem fairly progressive? In a survey administered to registered voters by PerryUndem, a nonpartisan polling firm, researchers deduced some pretty optimistic conclusions.. Though there were some rough spots.
The majority of the men questioned believed that women should be able to have sex for the purpose of pleasure, without fear of getting pregnant. The majority of the women and men polled also linked access to affordable birth control to women’s rights, equality and sexual freedom.
However, the poll concluded that 52% of the men surveyed felt they did not personally benefit from women having access to affordable contraception. Seventy percent of the men in that group, were age 60 and older.
As noted by ThinkProgress, the survey also highlighted that many of those surveyed understood that a lack of access to affordable contraception implications for women that spanned far and wide. It was also noted that the majority of those who understood this were women and that “black and Latino voters were more likely to recognize economic effects than white voters.”
The majority of voters, 71%, felt that politicians’ views on women’s health care were a political issue, while only 25% of voters saw men’s health care as a political issue. The survey also revealed that 63% of men and 85% of women felt that birth control was part of preventative care for women. You review the rest of the fascinating poll here.
The survey comes during a period in which women’s access to adequate reproductive health care is threatened. The GOP is taking steps toward defunding Planned Parenthood — a known resource for contraception. Soon the House Of Representatives will vote on a bill that could provide harsh restrictions on women having access to birth control.

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