This Guy Secretly Filmed An Adorable Video Of Him & His Girlfriend Dancing To Prince

Couples dancing cutely is usual pretty insufferable. People in love are, sometimes really annoying to people who are not in love. Their cute nicknames, their pet voices, their awful inside jokes, etc.
This couple, however, isn't like that. Marc Castillo, 23, and his girlfriend Des Lynae, 21, are San Diegans who love Prince and love dancing to Prince. We know this because Castillo secretly recorded himself dancing to Prince and enticing Lynae to dance to Prince during their post-anniversary dinner snack. (It's a thing.)
The result is this Tumblr masterpiece of the couple dancing to "Kiss" by Prince. Castillo has some serious and seriously surprising moves.
“I posted it for me to simply look back on whenever I needed a reason to smile,” she told BuzzFeed of the video.
She also credits the power of their love with the efficacy of the video.
“It shows just how amazing it is to completely be yourself with the person that you love,” Lynae told BuzzFeed.

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