Fans Have Figured Out What A.D.'s Gift Is On Pretty Little Liars

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A — in all her iterations — has done some seriously messed up stuff over the years, from nearly sawing Emily (Shay Mitchell) in half to mowing down Hanna (Ashley Benson) in a car. But it's not only bodily harm that the Liars have to worry about: A is also a big fan of the cryptic gift. Sure, that might not sound so bad — especially when compared to the whole "being locked in a box headed toward an electric saw" thing — but as any Pretty Little Liars fan knows, A's gifts are never presents you want to receive. (And they definitely don't come with a receipt.) From creepy dolls to magic boxes, A's gifts are a message — so it's no surprise that the yet-to-be-unmasked Uber A is borrowing from their predecessors. A new PLL season 7 sneak peek shows A.D. presenting the Liars with a gift — and clever fans have uncovered what it might be.
The season 7b premiere is titled "Playtime," and, as per usual, A.D. (or Uber A, or the Big Bad... whatever floats your boat) is toying with the Liars. In the promo, Aria (Lucy Hale) arrives at Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) house, where Emily and Hanna are also waiting. The reason for the Liar conference? A.D. has had a package delivered to Spencer's house, and they want to open it all together.
So...what's in the box? A set of hellish dolls? Noel Kahn's (Brant Daugherty) decapitated head? Fans on Reddit have discovered that it's actually a lot more innocuous than that — on the surface, of course. According to a screenshot from Redditor TheCeCeDrake, who paused the promo right as the gift was opened, A.D.'s present appears to be a model of Rosewood.
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While I'm thrilled we don't have to stare into Noel's vacant, dead eyes, A.D. definitely has a sinister plan with this miniaturized version of Rosewood. My theory? That Uber A has provided the Liars with a map that will lead them to answers about the person underneath the hoodie. (Of course, it will inevitably lead to more questions as well.) Then again, it could also be a total trap, à la the scavenger hunt to find Dr. Sullivan (Annabeth Gish) back in season 2. Perhaps this gift will ultimately lead to something terrible for the Rosewood ladies — like an arrest.
Unfortunately, this present can't be returned to sender... and the Liars will have to deal with it, one way or another.

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