Justin Trudeau Was Actually Famous Before He Could Crawl

Photo: Patrick Seeger/EPA/Shutterstock/REX
If there’s one thing the internet loves it’s a good throwback photo. For years we’ve seen and shared photos of a young Barack Obama. More recently, many of us raised a surprised eyebrow over a photo of Joe Biden's younger self after it went viral.
Now it’s Justin Trudeau’s turn. Earlier this month the internet ogled over photos of then young Canadian Prime Minister when a barrage of photos of him went viral. Now, instead of ogling we’re cooing over an old magazine cover that was recently uncovered.
Apparently, Trudeau was always bound for the big leagues and to break hearts at every age. The man scored his very first magazine cover before he even could crawl. He and his mother, Margaret Trudeau, appear on the July 1972 cover of Chatelaine magazine. Little Justin was born on December 25, 1971, meaning he’s pretty much been in the spotlight his entire life.
Mama Margaret cradles her precious little boy next to a headline that simply reads "Margaret and Justin."
Though it’s no surprise that Justin would appear on a cover of a magazine at such a young age. His mother, Margaret, is an author and actress while his father is Pierre Trudeau, the former PM for Canada in the early '80s. In a Vogue interview spotlighting the now 45-year-old politician, Margaret was described as being “a lovely 22-year-old flower child when she married the late Pierre.
Justin was also only the second child to have ever been born to a Canadian prime minister while still in office, as noted by Bustle. Needless to say his birth was widely celebrated.
Last week, Justin made headlines due to someone else inadvertently trying to split his limelight. Who was the man in question, you ask? Dutch politician and Green Party leader Jesse Klaver. After images of the two side by side went viral people couldn’t get enough of the 30-year old’s spot-on likeness to Canada’s own leader.

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