Netflix Has A Young Barack Obama Movie Coming & Here’s The Trailer

Long gone are the days when Netflix original meant something new and exciting. We're not exactly sure when the tipping point hit, but our best guess is when they literally released something called Scrotal Recall, then renewed it as Lovesick. Not to say that Orange Is the New Black isn't the best show of all time, or that The Get Down isn't shocking great, but we're just not going to get our hopes up every time The Ranch trailer starts autoplaying, or there's a Kevin Smith original waiting pre-loaded into our queues. All that being said, Barack Obama origin movie Barry has piqued our interest. It has some big shoes to fill. Not only the greatest president since FDR (LBJ stans, calm down), but also one of the greatest sketches of the Key & Peele years. Newcomer Devon Terrell plays Barry as he moves to New York City, enrolls in Columbia University, and has a bunch of very significant conversations about the way our country is, or was. It looks good, in that New York City always photographs well, and Terrell has the Obama cadence down pat. The film has drawn positive reviews, but will have to navigate the treacherous waters of attempting to canonize a President's legacy before the ink has dried on his final proclamation. You can ask Oliver Stone how that went. Still, we're optimistic. Hope is all we've got left. See the trailer below. Barry debuts December 16.

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