I Have So Many Questions After Seeing Beauty And The Beast

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Less than a week after its release, Beauty and the Beast has already crushed box office records. The live action reboot of the Disney animated classic has swept viewers off their feet, myself included. As a 27-year-old with nothing but fond memories of the original, I went to the theater on a rainy Saturday night with high hopes, which, for the most part, were met. Belle's yellow ballgown is still gorgeous, the Beast is still sexy, and and the Lumiere/Cogsworth banter is still pretty delightful. (Spoiler: the new songs are great, but you knew that going in.)
The film also took some liberties with the plot in an effort to close some of the narrative holes. We now know what happened to Belle's mother (she died of plague), why the villagers conveniently never noticed that their feudal leader had suddenly stopped taxing them (the curse made them forget), and (kind of?) how Gaston makes a living when he's not out harassing women (he's a captain in the army newly returned from war).
But still, I have questions. And I need answers.
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