Surprise! Netflix Just Rolled Out Another New Feature — & It Saves You So Much Time

If you’re a Netflix binge watcher, today is your lucky day. Queue up your favorite show, be it House Of Cards or The Crown, and you’ll see a new "skip intro" button to the far right (just above the time stamp) that lets you bypass the opening credits with a single click.
Sure, you could have fast forwarded previously, but how often did you click past too far and have to rewind, or not go far enough? The new tool not only saves precious seconds of viewing time, it also ensures that annoying theme songs don’t get stuck in your head. Let’s be real — as much as you might love the epic regal score behind The Crown’s 45-second intro sequence, there are only so many times you can hear the same orchestral horns over and over again before getting sick of them.
The button, which The Verge notes first showed up in threads on Reddit and then on Twitter, appears the second the credits begin. Click it and you’re taken to the final credit before the next scene begins. (Yes, you will need to put up with seeing one credit before the action resumes.)
It's not just Netflix originals — all streaming shows now seem to have the "skip intro" option. So, if you've seen the Friends fountain intro one too many times, you can easily click past that, as well.
While you might have been lukewarm about the news of Netflix’s upcoming changes to its user reviews, the chance to bypass opening sequences is a very welcome addition. Soon, you'll be wondering how you ever watched shows without it.

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