There's Something Very Special About Ed Sheeran's Hair In This Fan Photo

Redheaded singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has millions of fans — so many, in fact, that when his third studio album was released on March 3, it broke Spotify’s record for number of streams on the first day. (More than 68 million, if you must know.)
With so many dedicated listeners, it’s only natural that fan photos of Sheehan crop up by the thousands. Indeed, a Google search of “Ed Sheeran fan photo” yields about 5,720,000 results, which might seem excessive, but you get the idea. Still, of all the fan photos that Sheeran has posed for in his approximately six years of mainstream fame, only one of them has gone viral.
As if Sheeran’s signature hair color wasn’t enough of a defining feature already, his recent photo with Twitter user Talia Calandra takes his mop to new heights — literally. While the gust of wind gave her hair a pleasant windblown effect, Sheeran got the short end of the stick… and fans are loving it. (One Australian news site, on the other hand, referred to the look as both “seriously unfortunate” and a “hair nightmare," which seems a tad dramatic.)
We’re willing to bet that Sheeran will get a good laugh out of it himself, if he hasn’t already. After all, this is a guy who once claimed that his popularity was helping to better the sex lives of redheads everywhere. “There are a lot of ginger dudes in England who are using me,” he said in an interview back in 2015. “That's why I'm not hating on [my hair color]. You know what, we're finally getting laid! This is a good thing.”

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