What If The BBC Viral-Video Dad Were…A Mom?

Photo: YELIM LEE/AFP/Getty Images.
That viral video just doesn't seem to go away. You know which one we mean. We wouldn't be surprised if Professor Robert E. Kelly and Kim Jung-A's kids Marion and James, who interrupted his BBC interview segment, landed on some Meme Stars: Where Are They Now? show in a couple of decades. (If you still haven't watched the BBC interview crashed by those kids, congratulations and welcome to the internet. We'll wait right here until you're caught up.)
Soon after the video took over every corner of the internet, we were blessed with the Trevor Noah no-pants parody. (Some have theorized that because Kelly didn't get up during the interview to grab his kids, he wasn't wearing pants. He later said that indeed he was.) Then, the family was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal so we could find out what really happened. Spoiler alert: Kelly didn't lock the door and Marion was in a "hippity-hoppity mood that day because of [a] school party." Oh, um, there was a Darth Vader parody, too. (Enjoy?!)
And now, the mom take. That didn't take long. Mashable reports that New Zealand's Jono and Ben comedy show produced a video showing a mom handling the situation like a boss. It may not surprise you that the female Professor Robert E. Kelly — played by Kate Wordsworth — was the ultimate superhero. As she answers questions about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye, her own daughter waltzes in.
But instead of waving her away like Kelly did, she sits her in her lap and gives her a bottle of milk — not missing a beat as she keeps explaining the political situation to the BBC host. When the baby rolls in, she hands him a rattle. And then...it gets a little absurd. An entire roasted chicken is involved. And a bomb.
You'll just have to watch the whole thing, below.

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