Trevor Noah Has The Best Theory About The BBC Dad

Photo: Brad Barket.
Last Friday, the entire world lost it when the now famous interview of the BBC dad went viral.
In case you need a refresher: Dr. Robert Kelly was being interviewed on live TV from his house in Busan, South Korea, about the impeachment of former president Park Geun-hye. His little girl, who we should nominate for president of the world, came strolling into the room and interrupted him. She was followed by her baby brother. The kids' mom then races into the room and scrambles to get the kids out. It was perhaps the best live TV fail of our time.
But because we can't have nice things, backlash against the BBC dad immediately followed. (We know Kelly is his legal name, but for us he will always be the BBC dad.)
Some critics didn't like that he didn't stand up to help his wife with their kids. But during last night's episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah quickly gave us the best (and honestly most realistic) theory about why Kelly didn't stand up from his seat.
"I was shocked to see some people online giving the dad a hard time for not helping with the kids. You know, people were like, 'Why didn’t he help? This is the patriarchy at work,'" Noah said. "Look, I understand what people are saying, but maybe there’s a reason he didn’t get up to help. It’s not just because he’s on TV doing an interview. Obviously, people, he’s not wearing pants."
Yep, NAILED IT. Do you really think that Kelly was wearing pants? He was being interviewed from his home at night. (The BBC clip had a little text in the left corner of the screen reading, "Local Time, 20:05," which means it was 8:05 p.m when the incident occurred.) Do you really know people who walk around the house in a suit at that hour? No, you don't.
The professor was almost certainly pantsless. Noah went on to add what made it so obvious.
"No, this is a simple thing to understand. Anytime someone is on television and you don’t see the lower half of their body, they’re not wearing pants," he said. "How do I know this? Because I’m one of them."
And then, he stood up, showing us his baby blue boxers with little clouds on them. Great television, indeed.

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