Donald Trump's Commemorative MAGA St. Paddy's Hats Have One Glaring Mistake

Photo: Team Trump.
Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, President Donald Trump is releasing some commemorative merch. But there's just one problem: It's pissing off the Irish, you know, the people most associated with the March holiday.
Bustle reports that whoever is in charge of designing Trump merchandise made a huge error with this latest drop. To celebrate St. Paddy's day, the Trump camp is offering up bright kelly green Make America Great Again caps. Cute, if you're into that sort of thing. But there's just one thing wrong: instead of a shamrock, one of the traditional symbols of St. Patrick's Day, the hats brandish a four-leaf clover. It may be a symbol of good luck, but it's certainly giving the sitting president a bout of ill fortune.
Think it's a minor mistake? Think again. The shamrock has deep roots in Irish history. According to Irish Central, "St. Patrick arrived in Ireland in 431 and converted the Pagans living on the island to Catholicism by using the shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity." Shamrocks have three leaves, which represent each part of the Holy Trinity. And like that religious belief, the three parts are separate, but also one entity, just like the shamrock's leaves connect to one stem. While those unfamiliar with Irish tradition or Catholicism might overlook the mistake, but for those in the know, it's pretty glaring.
Four-leaf clovers? They're just symbols of good luck.
Bustle adds that since St. Patrick's Day has gone so mainstream in the United States, nobody would even notice a gaffe like this. The site also mentions that in 2012, The Blaze reported that the Obama administration made a similar mix-up on a collection of O'Bama T-shirts.
And in case anyone wanted a green MAGA hat to commemorate this mistake in perpetuity, you're out of luck, Irish or not. The New York Times reports that the hats aren't available anymore.

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