Jane Fonda Made Merch Using Her Mugshot

The shirts, mug, and bags for sale on Jane Fonda's website are badass in so many ways — the first being that they feature a mug shot taken of her in 1970.
When she was arrested, Fonda had flown to Cleveland from Canada, where she'd just given a speech about the Vietnam War. She was touring to raise money for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War's Winter Soldier Investigation, which was attempting to uncover the country's undisclosed acts of violence in Vietnam.
That wasn't why she was arrested, though — at least allegedly. The police claimed they had to take her to jail because she was suspected of smuggling drugs.
After testing them in a lab, they found that the pills in her bag were vitamins, as she'd claimed. "I told them what they were but they said they were getting orders from the White House — that would be the Nixon White House," she wrote on her website. "I think they hoped this 'scandal' would cause the college speeches to be canceled and ruin my respectability. I was handcuffed and put in the Cleveland Jail, which is when the mug shot was taken. (I had just finished filming Klute so, yes, it was the Klute haircut)."
Aside from having this amazing story behind them, the products also benefit a great cause. Fonda donates all the proceeds from her merchandise to the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP), which provides sex ed to kids in Georgia.
This is just one of many causes Fonda cares about, People reports. She's also protested the Dakota Access Pipeline and spoken out against rape culture.
You can order the tote bag, clutch, and short- and long-sleeve shirts on Fonda's website. But our favorite product is the mug, because the double meaning is just too good.

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