Sarah Hyland Schools Numbskull On Twitter Who Mansplains Pregnancy

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A word to the wise: Do not try to diagnose someone else's pregnancy on Twitter. For that matter, do not try to diagnose someone's pregnancy at all. This should be considered obvious etiquette at this point, and it's a little silly that we have to keep repeating it. But here it goes: A woman's body is her own. The happenings of her reproductive system belong to no one but her.
Alas, this is not universally understood just yet, which is why we still have people like Twitter user Greg Cherring. Wednesday evening, Cherring tweeted at Modern Family star Sarah Hyland just to "let her know" she might be pregnant.
"Based off your facial structure in recent episodes of Modern Family I think you are pregnant," Cherring wrote. Good to hear your opinion, sir. It is not desired, needed, or warranted in this situation, however.
Hyland seems to be keeping a good humor about it all. She responded with an ironic, "I should probably check on that..."
What Cherring may not realize is that generally, if a woman is pregnant, she can figure it out herself. Actually, if a woman is anything, she can figure it out herself. We don't need mansplaining Twitter followers to explain things to us.
It seems most of Hyland's followers agree the nosey tweeter is a numbskull. One writes, "Nothing like a random person telling you that you're pregnant when it's your body and you'd know.." Another proclaims mock-happily, "Is this how we are informed we are pregnant now days? By a tweet? Wow Mother Nature has changed her ways!"
But it seems to be Twitter's law that for every idiot, there are at least 10 other idiots waiting in the wings to bloviate. One agrees with Cherring, writing, "I thought the same!! I don't think that's a mean comment, just an opinion. Would be happy for Sarah either way though ;)"
Well-meaning or not, the "opinion" is rude in that it assumes Hyland lacks agency over her own body. When the world assigns labels to women — when tabloids write that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, or Twitter followers note the change of a face shape — the underlying presumption is that these women don't have control over their own bodies. Unfortunately for Hyland, this probably isn't the first person to make this assumption in her lifetime. (An article has already been published this morning dedicated to speculation about Hyland's possible pregnancy. Thanks, internet.)
Alright, let's reiterate: Sarah Hyland's body is her body, her choice. Now, can we get back to watching the 26-year-old star sing "Closer" by The Chainsmokers? That ish is newsworthy.

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