Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard Also Doesn't Think Vanessa & Nick Will Make It

Shortly after Nick Viall proposed to Montreal native Vanessa Grimaldi on season 21 of The Bachelor, a jury of their internet peers concluded: These idiots are most certainly destined for a breakup. But it's not just the opinionated and ever-disdainful internet that has doubts about the couple.
Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard tweeted during the After The Final Rose special on Monday, "[Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi] look like me and you know who. Yikes!!" The shade was a response to Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey, who tweeted, "Y'all. Nick and Vanessa are just too real, so passionate, and they are so open. Things are great!"
Both Spivey and Maynard were contestants on season 15 of the show — Maynard went on to "win," receiving a proposal of marriage at the end of all the hullabaloo. However, things didn't last with Maynard and Brad Womack. Presumably, "you know who" refers to Maynard's erstwhile fiancé. As Us Weekly pointed out, their appearance on After the Final Rose rang a little less than blissful. Like Grimaldi and Viall, the connection between the two seemed dubious. Lo and behold, the two broke up almost six months after their proposal aired.
“Just because we love each other doesn’t mean we’re right for each other," Maynard told People at the time.
However, "you know who" could also be referring to Jef Holm, Maynard's other reality fiancé. After her breakup with Brad Womack, the North Carolina native went on to be the eighth Bachelorette. Of her 25 suitors, she chose Utah native Jef Holm. They also appeared in an After the Final Rose special where they gushed about true love and whatnot. In October 2012, the two announced their split. These days, Maynard, 31, is happily married to Tyler Johnson, with whom she has two kids.
Perhaps the "you know who" in this tweet is an all-encompassing term for her two former suitors. Really, it's not surprising that Maynard is doubtful of the whole shebang — these televised engagements don't always work out, and she has double the receipts to prove it.
Still, it'd be nice if she — and the rest of the internet — could summon a little positivity for the twosome. As R29's Judith Ohikuare pointed out, Viall and Grimaldi don't hate each other. They're just two mature adults trying to make a rather absurd situation work. Just because they openly acknowledge the difficulty of the situation doesn't mean they won't make it 'til death do they part. Maynard may have struggled to find a perfect match on the show, but that doesn't negate the possibility that, hey, these two might actually work out.
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