The Internet's Next Top Model Isn't A Hadid — Or A Person

Move over, Gigi Hadid, the model who's taking social media by storm is here to knock you off your perch. Meet Tweety, a ridiculously good-looking canary that's showing those Insta girls a thing or two about posing.
Mashable reports that the bold yellow avian model was first introduced to the world via Twitter, where his owner, Dan, posted a few pictures.
"Had a little photoshoot for my bird while he was exploring around the dining room LOOK HOW CUTE," he wrote.
Little did he know that the canary would soon garner the attention of the twittersphere, with fans suggesting calls to Vogue and asking if the little bird had followed in the footsteps of Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown and signed with IMG Models. No, IMG doesn't have a specific animal division, but there is a first time for everything.
Also, feathers are in, so Tweety should ride that wave hard — fashion is fickle, after all. And if you look closely, you'll notice that all these snapshots are filter-free. That's right, Tweety doesn't need filters to look good, he's #nofilter all the way. We don't want to ruffle your feathers, but we bet he wakes up like that, too. Some birds have all the luck, right?
Of course, Twitter users took Tweety's stunning images and turned them into memes. Hey, isn't that when you know you've really made it? Plus, doesn't this pitcher pic look something like Coco Chanel's famed mirrored staircase? Looks like Tweety has a look that works for commercial and high fashion brands alike.
He's also taking after his namesake, Warner Bros.' own famous fowl, by hiding from "puddy tats."
It's only a matter of time until Tweety gets his own Vogue spread, but here's hoping he doesn't forget his social media roots. After all, this all got started with a little tweet.

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