15 Of The Funniest Tweets About Winter Storm Stella

Half of the East Coast is paralyzed today thanks to winter storm Stella.
The Nor'easter is expected to dump a lot of snow and bring ridiculously high winds all the way from Pennsylvania to New England. CNN reports that about 7,800 flights have already been cancelled.
And, as per usual, people took to social media to talk about the storm. The results were inevitably funny.
First, people were mad that Mother Nature tricked us last week, giving us amazing spring-like temperatures, only to bury us in snow again. Today is a reminder that even though winter is supposed to be winding down, the weather doesn't always to the script.
Stella also stole some of Pi Day's spotlight, but some Twitter users still made sure to pay tribute to the super nerdy (but very real) holiday. Mostly because Pi Day is awesome and shouldn't be overshadowed by some snow.
Other people couldn't help themselves from making more microwave spying jokes, adding to the memes that were born after Kellyanne Conway's recent remarks.
Much like the other winter storms that have been touted as the great Snowmageddon of the year, we gotta say Stella has been a bit disappointing to a lot of people. Here in New York City the snow forecast was downgraded from original predictions of 12 to 18 inches to a meek 4 to 8 inches. But looking out of our windows, we're mostly seeing sleet and freezing rain.
And of course, there were the inevitable A Streetcar Named Desire references. You didn't think we would leave these out, did you?

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