Watch Luke Evans Sing Adele In The Shower

Luke Evans' Gaston may be the big bad in Beauty and the Beast, but fans won't find much to hate in this new clip of Evans singing Adele on Ellen.
First of all, let us reiterate that Adele is on the "don't cover" list. You will never be as good as Adele is at singing, so it's best to just not even try. The only person to ever successfully do it is Jordan from last season on The Voice, but he's a beast and you also shouldn't try to sing like him. Just better for everyone. The other people on the "don't cover" list are the Beatles, Prince, and Michael Jackson. Do not attempt their songs. You will fall flat. Although The Weeknd's version of "Dirty Diana" was pretty good.
Evans, considering his impossible task, does a pretty good job. Well, he does an adorable job. Ellen starts the interview by showing the audience some shirtless pics of Evans culled from his Instagram. The audience, naturally, hoots and hollers their way through the images. A perfectly understandable reaction.
Then we get to the real meat of the segment. Evans explains that he has a musical theater background and that he always sings songs to his mother. The video we're watching is Evans shirtless, singing along to Adele while Skyping with his mom. The whole thing is pretty bizarre, but also pretty adorable. Why not pop your top off and sing to your mom?
The whole thing climaxes when Ellen asks Evans to get in the shower and sing alongside Adele. Not the real Adele, and not a real shower, but it's still worth a look. Watch below.

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