Beyoncé Gives Her Beyhive A Subtle Shout-Out In This Selfie

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While you all were having basic weekends in your respective towns, Beyoncé was working her shit in a stylish velvet dress to celebrate Mr. Richard Lawson's (her mom's husband) 70th birthday.
In a series of a 14 (yes — 14) pictures, Queen Bey flaunted her three hearts for a night on the town. First, the poses she's throwing are pretty standard for an #OOTD picture: hip out, smize, and pout. Then they get a little more creative, with a behind-the-back pose, a close-up of her custom honey bee choker (which is totally a nod to her dedicated Beyhive), and one with her hands peacefully resting on her stomach. Each one is more perfect than the next. Additionally, she has a few pictures of the entire party, full of smiling faces. (We're still waiting for word on that mysterious orange beverage she was sipping on at the party.)
The series of photos leave us with the age-old question, though: Who is taking all these pictures? I really think it's still Jay Z, who is moonlighting as a street style photographer. For one, he isn't in any photos, which means he could easily be the man behind the camera. Secondly, in many of Bey's other photos on her site, she credits a photographer. But not in this collection of photos. And third, I just love the idea of him telling his wife to "Work it!" and "Yas!"
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Even though she is pregnant with twins, Beyoncé has been increasingly social and open to sharing pictures of her private life with fans. Last week, she attended the Beauty and the Beast premiere with her daughter, Blue Ivy, and we couldn't help but gawk at their mother-daughter couture Gucci situation. I only wish that we got to see a mini-Bey in Beyhive-inspired choker, too.

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