What Nonalcoholic Beverage Is Beyoncé Drinking? The Beyhive Investigates

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Beyoncé's stepfather Richard Lawson turned 70 on Tuesday. His wife Tina Knowles (the couple tied the knot in 2015) documented his birthday dinner celebration on Instagram. And while under normal circumstances we might all be discussing how much Lawson does NOT look 70-years-old, the fact is that Beyoncé herself makes a cameo in the video her mom posted, which is, obviously, all people care about. And Bey's fleeting appearance is stirring up quite the ruckus in the comments section of Ms. Tina's Instagram post.
We see Bey at the beginning and end of the video, in which the camera pans around the table. In the first couple frames, you can spot the pregnant singer, expecting twins, reaching for her drink. From what we can tell, the beverage is in a low ball glass (the kind you drink an Old Fashioned from) and has something orange in it. Do not forget this important detail.
Photo: Via Instagram.
The camera then surveys the other guests in attendance — who, despite appearing to be lovely people, are NOT Instagram record-breaking goddesses pregnant with twins — before panning back to Bey in the last couple seconds. Here, we can hear a man, evidently Richard, asking his stepdaughter, "What you drinkin?" Bey responds, "it's a non-alcoholic orange—" and then the video cuts off. (WTF, Tina,?!)
That last crucial bit was not overlooked by amateur detective Bey fans, many of whom are sleuthing out what the mystery drink could be in the comments below: "if you listen closely richard asks her what are you drinking and she responds 'its a non alcoholic ...'" A less composed Beyhiver wrote, "Non alcoholic orange what??!! NON ALCOHOLIC ORANGE WHATT??!?!??!" Another observer noted, "She's so Texas, you could tell even if you didn't know by the way she said 'orange.' Judging by the glass, I'd say the last word in non-alcoholic orange would be martini." (That sounds like a reasonable guess to us, but due to lack of evidence we cannot draw a firm conclusion at this time.)
People are also laughing it up at Richard's basic dad behavior. "He checked her 'what you drinkin' such a dad," someone commented. "Richard on stepdaddy patrol... 'what you drinking?' So cute lol." Agreed.
And then, there are those still stuck on trying to figure out what the mommy-to-be is saying in the beginning of the clip: "I watched this video 13 times trying to read bey lips." Can we get a highly-trained lipreader up in here, please? Anybody? It's more important than whatever you're doing. Watch the video yourself and see what you can glean.

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